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Get updates as they happen with our free update system!

by Matt on January 15, 2010

We thought we should take the time to highlight a few ways that offers to keep you updated on all the latest news, tipping, fields, box draws and results! We offer free updates to anyone who wants them, and being added to the subscription list takes no more than 30 seconds.
Here are some of the options available:

Free Email Updates

If you’d like our news delivered straight to your email inbox, then all you have to do is enter your email address into the box located on the right hand side of the website… see it over there, the one that says “Subscribe and get email updates whenever we update!”? That subscription box is available on every page of this website, so it’s always within easy reach. In fact, we’ll enter a box below for you to use too….

Enter your email address:

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Our email system is run through Google, so it’s totally reliable, secure, and best of all, free. So if you’d like our new posts sent directly to your inbox, then sign up today!

Free RSS Subscription

If you have an RSS reader, then subscribing to our RSS feed is an easy way to be updated whenever we post more information. All you have to do to get these updates is click on the “Subscribe” link in the right hand menu above. Again, this link is available on every page of the website, so you can subscribe from any page. In fact, here’s the link to click on to subscribe right here, via RSS:

Click here to subscribe via RSS!

Again, in order to subscribe to RSS updates, you’ll first need a free RSS reader. We’d suggest Google Reader, as it’s simple to use and involves almost no set up.

Other Ways to hear the news first!

While we’d suggest either email updates or RSS updates as the fastest way to be updated on all our news, we also have two separate methods of spreading the news about our site. First off, we have a very active and vibrant community running on Facebook, so if you would like to become a member, then simply visit the page here. There is a great amount of discussion that takes place on this page, so why not get involved and get to know some other greyhound lovers?
Another one for the “social network” lovers out there, we also have a Twitter profile which we use to spread news about our new posts. Our twitter profile can be found here, so if you’re a twitter user, why not hook up with us there?

All in all, it’s easy to keep in touch…

… so why not connect today? By connecting with us – whether through email, RSS, Facebook or Twitter – you’ll always be sure to know the latest Australia greyhound racing news as it happens.

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